We offer boys and girls underpants in colours that children will love and not be embarrassed to wear.

Seven reasons to purchase Rescue Pants for your school:

  • Hygienic Packaging –  Each pair of Rescue Pants is hygienically sealed in its own water proof bag.  

  • Individually Sealed – All Rescue Pants are individually sealed to prevent contamination

  • Tamperproof Bag – The bag provides a visual seal that allows users to see whether their product has been used previously.

  • Endless Uses – Rescue Pants are easily transportable and can be placed in bags or desks in case that unexpected accident happens.

  • Soiled Pants Can Be Taken Home – Soiled pants are placed in the waterproof sealed bag, they can be easily transported back home in school bags for parents to wash or dispose of.

  • Size and Colours– We have boys and girls's styles underpants with varying colour's that children will love to wear. Please see our sizing chart. 

  • Where can I take Rescue Pants?

    • Classroom

    • School buses

    • School Bags

    • Family holidays

    • Place them in over night bags

    • Take them to camps

    • Car trips

    • Sick Rooms






Size Chart

Size Height Waist Ages
2-3 92 - 100cm 54 - 55cm 2-4
4-6 108 - 120cm 56 - 58cm  5-6
6-8 120 - 130cm 58 - 60cm 7-8
8-10 130 -140cm 60 - 64cm 8-9