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What type of underpants does your school provide students?

Consumer research across QLD and NSW schools , showed that a majority of schools asked parents to hand in washed (used) underpants for students who have unexpected accidents.

What was really surprising was in some instances, parents were asked to bring back these underpants after their child soiled themselves. It was recorded that this could happen 4-5 time for one pair of underpants. YUCK!!

Not only is this practice unhygienic, parents and schools do not know how the clothes were washed once they are returned and how well contaminates are removed.

Why Use Rescue Pants?

A common occurrence with school children is gastroenteritis. The contamination of clean clothes is a common occurence in schools. This should be avoid as much as possible. 

The occurrence of a child soiling themselves not only leaves them scared and confused, but can lead to upset stomachs and absent students if contamination does occur. 

Rescue Pants provides a hygienic pair of underpants that are sealed in a waterproof and tamper proof bag that can be used for these emergencies.

Who do we supply?

We supply to childcare centres, pre-schools and primary schools. 

Rescue Pants are supplied in an individually wrapped bag, this provides parents and staff with the confidence that they are receiving a safe and hygienic product.