Q. Why should I buy Rescue Pants over normal underpants supplied in supermarkets?

A. Rescue Pants provide a safe and hygienic pair of underpants that can be taken on camps, holidays, school excursions and car trips. They can be stored in children's back pack, school rooms, cupboards and car glove boxes. Anywhere that children may have an unexpected accident and help is not near. 

Q. What are the underpants made out of?

A. The underpants are made from 100% cotton.

Q. Can Rescue Pants be used again?

A. Yes, they should be washed and cleaned as though they are normal underpants.

Q. Do I have to return them to the school?

A. No, due to health and safety procedures, schools and child care centres cannot accept used Rescue Pants. There your Rescue Pants, love them!! Use them for everyday activities.

Q. Can I purchase Rescue Pants from the schools?

A. This is at the discretion of the schools. Parents, friends and family members can purchase Rescue Pants from the online store.

Q. What quality standards does Rescue Pants use?

A. All of Rescue Pants comply with the following standards:

ISO 9001:200                                               OEKO Tex Standards 10

EKO Sustainable Textile Standards              ISO 9002

Intertek Lab Tested                                       Vendor Factory Evaluation Standards